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In his much acclaimed novel The Three-Body Problem, Liu Cixin describes a first-contact scenario in which radio astronomer Ye Wenjie discovers an alien civilization, the Trisolarans, so called because their home world circles three suns in an unstable orbit. The Trisolaran who receives her message, warns her of danger, but Yu Wenjie, who saw her father get beaten to death during the Cultural Revolution, continues the communication as she feels that her own society could need some intervention. But not even Yu Wenjie can anticipate the consequences of her discovery, and her actions trigger the most extreme crisis mankind has ever faced.

The Three-Body Problem is a deeply disturbing mediation on morality, extinction, technology and progress. Wildly imaginative, Liu has created a unique blend of scientific and philosophical speculation. A remarkable book, not to be missed.

Liu Cixin is the most prolific and popular science fiction author in the PRC, winner of the prestigious Hugo Award, a nine-time winner of the Galaxy Award (The Chinese equivalent of the Hugo Award) and winner of the Chinese Nebula Award. The translator Ken Liu is himself a writer, lawyer, and computer programmer.

Please note: this is a book discussion, not a talk. The author will not be present.